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Leaving school, so what happens next…an Ultimate Gap Year? 28/05/2014

For all you school leavers out there, this is one of the most stressful times, we can sympathise. Not only are you bogged down with studying and exams but you have some serious choices and decisions to make which will affect the rest of life. (Sorry sounding a bit serious here). But seriously there are so many things to think about, here are some thoughts that might be plaguing your mind: Should I go to university or college and if so which one? What should I study, something vocational or something I enjoy? Should I take a gap year? If so where and what shall I do?
Well panic not, here at Ultimate Leavers Hoodies we have come up with a few tips and advice to make your decisions that little bit easier!

Ok so in this blog we are going to discuss the decision of a year off, or as it is now popularly known as a Gap Year:
There are so many incredible opportunities and options, as the whole world is your oyster. We firstly recommend visiting STA travel, they have some great travel advice whether it be information on where to go and what to do or discounted flights and visa information. (Please do not forget about checking if you need a visa to enter your destined country!)

We have also come across, this site is a community for gappies (people on gap years) to explore and research, plan and discuss your life changing adventure. There is also the opportunity to meet and find out who else is in the country or countries that you are visiting. I suppose a bit like a Facebook for travelling!

Another great idea is to get involved with a project- we think as well as lolling on the beach sipping mojitos it is a good idea to spend part of your gap year doing something for the benefit of others. (Not only is it the honourable and kind thing to do but it will also look damn good on your CV for the future). There are programs to suit everyone from teaching projects in Ghana and Nepal to conservation and environmental projects in Peru and Borneo. There really is a whole lot out there, so spend some time doing research and see what tickles your fancy.

We have accumulated a list of websites below which we think will be beneficial for your gap year research. Lastly good luck with the exams and hope you plan an amazing and life changing adventure.