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A Hoodie Lover’s Favourite Things About Spring 10/04/2015

The Ultimate Leavers Hoodies Team’s favourite season is here: spring! Because we love lounging around in our hoodies and can’t really be bothered with coats and hats, there is nothing more exciting to us than spring! Have a look below at why this is our favourite season:

  • The weather

When you live in the UK the weather isn’t ideal even in the warmer months and sunshine is rare, but winter can be quite tough especially. We have had a long one this year, but now that spring is definitely here we love it! Bring out the sunglasses! Bring on the sunshine!


With everything blooming now, we can’t get enough of the colourful parks full of daffodils everywhere!

  • Spending more time outdoors

It’s time to stop spending all day at home and head outside to explore. In parks or by the seaside, as long as it’s not rainy we’ll be there!

  • The wildlife16086781789_a65b40594b_o

Wild animals also become more active and you’re more likely to spot squirrels running around searching for nuts or a shy fox roaming about.

  • Clothes

Spring puts an end to the big boring winter coats. Put all your black wintery clothes away and bring out the fun and colourful spring clothes! We’ve all brought out our favourite bright hoodies and we’re loving it!

  • End of school year is nearIMAG2259

Spring might mean final exams are near for some of you, but it also means the end of the school year is near as well!

The end of the school year also means something else to us… School Leavers! School Leavers Hoodies are our passion and this is a busy time for us, but we love it! And even though the numbers on the backs of the hoodies may change every year, one thing never changes and that is our dedication to provide you with your Ultimate Leavers Hoodie!

What is your favourite thing about spring? Let us know in the comments!

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