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Ski Season Hoodies 29/01/2016

Ski Season Hoodies

As we slowly inch into February and into another legendary ski season, Ultimate Leavers Hoodies wants to remind you to stay warm, have fun and to be safe this year out on the slopes. If you’re tasked this year with planning your organisations ski holiday or already have your trip scheduled. You should consider outfitting your group with our custom designed hoodie to commemorate the occasion.

Ultimate Leavers Hoodies prides itself in delivering the highest quality ski season hoodies made to order, complete with your personalised touch.  snowday

Did you know Ultimate Leavers Hoodies has TONS of…?

  • Front and back stock hoodie print graphics to choose from
  • Custom embroideries
  • Custom font styles
  • Several hoodie options to choose from

Our design team will coordinate with your university, organisation or society to create your own custom designed hoodie print graphics.

Ultimate Leavers Hoodies prides itself on providing warm, comfortable and fashionable clothing when trekking around this winter. Make our hoodies the perfect memento for your special holiday trip this year.

We offer…

  • Fantastic hoodie options to choose from
  • Assured product quality
  • Personalisation options keeping your hoodies unique
  • Best values for students
  • Ultimate service to help guide you through the order process
  • Free Shipping on all orders

If you’re still not sure which type of hoodie is right for you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff to help answer any questions you may have. Stay safe and see you on the slopes.

-Ultimate Leavers Hoodies Team