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Leavers Hoodies at the Best Price 24/02/2016

Affordable 2016 Leavers Hoodies

With school back in full swing for everyone Ultimate Leavers Hoodies is already planning for the graduating class of 2016! Can you believe March is almost here?

Besides providing you with the best quality hoodies and services to match, we also love passing savings on to you. We know price is a major factor for a lot of schools and clubs and can be a major deterrent. We don’t like deterrents, which is why Ultimate Leavers Hoodies has a simple pricing structure that will blow you away.

Ultimate Leavers Hoodies like to keep things simple, that’s what we’re all about. Why make it complicated when it doesn’t have to be; unlike some companies there are no extras or hidden set up costs. Let’s go a step further and offer free delivery as standard and nicknames are included in the price!

Other companies will ask you to get in touch before they give you the price. We understand that you’re busy and don’t have time to contact everyone. That’s why we’ve laid it for you, so you can see quickly exactly how much you’ll be paying. Simple.

The price guide you see below is the price you pay.

ULH prices

If you’re unsure about what type of hoodie style you want or if you need assistance with garment design we’re happy walk you through our selections.

Ultimate Leavers Hoodies will help your school, clubs, society’s and sports teams with personalized hoods at a affordable price.

Get in touch with any of our sales staff today.