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The Embroidery Process 23/03/2016

The Embroidery Processcustom_wear

Do you know Ultimate Leavers Hoodies can customise your leavers hoodies with embroidered designs and logos featuring your universities? We thought it would be neat to walk you through our internal processes on how we go from your ideas to fabrication to your Ultimate Leaver Hoodie.

Picking the Right Hoodie for You

It begins when you select a hoodie from our hoodie range. Our Classic hoodie has a stylish fit and soft finish, weighted at 279gsm. If you’re not familiar with the term gsm it means grams per square meter. The higher gsm means high quality and weight of the fabrics, not to mention the warmer you’ll be! Our other hoodies aren’t without their charm and if you fancy a zip up style or a light to dark contrast street hoodie look we can get you sorted with that too!

Our complete list of hoodies includes:

Get Your Artwork Submittedleavers_2016

So you’ve picked the right hoodies for you and your classmates and submitted your artwork to our graphics department. Nice work – we’re nearly done! You’ve ended up choosing your university logo on the front and a custom 2016 leavers design with your nickname on the back. Perfect! That’s going to look great. Our sophisticated sewing machines run by our sewing operators will have no trouble crafting exactly what you want.


Now that we have your artwork and specifications you have provided we begin the artwork digitizing process. First the artwork is submitted to our software for digitizing and converted into a specific format for our machines to process. One common misconception is that you can just use a .jpeg or .bmp image and that will work. This simply isn’t true; in order to process the art correctly it needs to be recreated using stitches via our software. Our software tells the sewing machine to sew a specific design, in a specific colour, with a specific type of stitch. Our machines can create logos up to 12 inches in size and can use 15 colours in each design. They make light work of 25,000 stitches so that our embroidery service remains cost effective and fast.


Artwork is now ready to be processed by our sewing machines. Our embroidery production is hands on and before the sewing can emb-machinebegin the specific thread colours must be loaded by hand into our sewing machines. A spool of coloured thread is checked against the logo colour and the sewing head must be loaded. The machine is programmed by the sewing operator and the design is set for a particular colour sequence and a particular sewing speed. The hoodies must then be “hooped” individually, by hand, and then fixed to the sewing machine. Once the design has completed, the hoodie is taken off the machine, un-hooped, and sent to our quality assurance production step.


After the hoodies have gone through our production process they are sent through the QA department for the final finishing process. Our finishing step is one of the most important steps as we individually Embroidered_front_logocheck each hoodie against our strict quality standards, trimming excess backing materials and removing any loose threads that may have come out from the production process. We carefully fold and pack each hoodie and give FREE shipping within mainland UK with every order.

Ultimate Leavers Hoodies has the expertise and dedication to craft your leavers hoodies. Make us your first choice for all your embroidery needs.