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Summer is upon us… 18/04/2016

Summer is Approaching Fast

That was a quick Easter break wasn’t it? Gone are the SS922_BottleGreen_FT_new_for_summer-300x340days of wintry nights, grey laden cloudy days and unforgiving windy spouts that unapologetically break umbrellas. Each passing day we inch into brighter and warmer days transforming us into the most welcomed season of the year…summer. It got me thinking about what kinds of outside adventures everyone is thinking of? We’re all looking forward to the extended hours of extra daylight, the added warmth that summer brings and lawn picnics whenever we can get the opportunity to do so. With each season bring in new changes and new beginnings. With that being said we’re happy to introduce a few new additions to our existing hoodie and zippy clothing lines. So put away your winter hoodies because we’re launching our new lightweight summer clothing line collection specifically designed to keep you warm and not bogged down during the summer months.

Our new collection of lightweight hoodies, lightweight sweatshirts and lightweight full zip-ups are unbrushed fleece weighing at a comfortable 240gsm. This summer line-up comes in a spectrum of colour and sizes and is available right now. You can even customise your new lightweight wear with custom designs and logos! Our range of printing services means that Ultimate Leavers Hoodies is your one stop shop for lightweight leavers wear.

You can find our new summer product line under ‘Our Hoodies‘. We know you’ll be cool, comfortable and warm in these lightweight garments. Get ready because spring is almost over and summer is coming up fast!