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What To Do After? 31/05/2016

What to do when you leave school?

Let’s get serious for a moment. What DO you do crossroadswhen you are finally ready to leave school and move on to bigger and brighter opportunities? When it comes down to deciding what your future will look like we all need to take a moment, not panic and think it out. Ultimate Leavers Hoodies recommends discussing your future with family, friends, mentors or anyone with an opinion you value. We know there are many roads in life and university is just one direction of many. Plenty of people change their minds about school, post pone uni, and decide to take a year off or go into the work force right away.

What are my choices exactly? Well that’s a good question and here are a few choices that are available.

Higher Education

Well, the most common choice for school leavers is higher education and the continued learning furthering your academic path. Pick a subject you feel passionate about and learn about it. Many students get caught up in what’s going to make me the most money when their done, and end up in a job they dislike. We recommend choosing a path which you enjoy and can see yourself doing. Right?

Next is getting into an apprenticeship!

Get right into the trade and learn a valuable skill. You can work outside, get fresh air and the job is always unique. If you like working with your hands, troubleshooting problems and thinking on your feet, the trades sector has tons of variety of jobs available! Of course, this type of work usually lasts for a few years or until you get certified. It all depends on what you’re doing exactly.

Straight into the workplace

As a school leaver the first thing you need to do is find a job if you aren’t going to head into uni or into the trade. There’s many companies offering roles for school leavers and most companies have training programs and career progress so you can always be striving for something better.

Gap Year

Gap year is sort of like a ‘I’m not sure yet’, many students take 6 months to a year off for travel and gain some valuable life experiences along the way.  Usually when the year is up the student has made up their mind.

Remember all of these options have their positives and negatives associated with them, and when making your decision be sure to consider all paths!


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