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Five Reasons You Should Order a Leavers Hoodie 16/06/2016

Five reasons you should order a leavers hoodie right now!

Are you finished with your education leaving school this year? First off, congratulations on your accomplishments! But you’re left with wanting something to remember your time with your peers and teachers? Look no further than a custom leavers hoodie, and celebrate your accomplishments in style. If you’re still not sure about getting one here are a few reasons that may change your mind!

  • Fantastic way to remember your time at school, college or university – Leavers can be personalised leavers2016with your nickname and school logo or with a custom design which can be completely left up to you!
  • Fashionable – Our leavers hoodies come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours, you will find a hoodie you will love. Not to mention that leavers hoodies are a perfect example to show off your accomplishments, and who knows you might inspire someone by wearing it around to finish their higher education!
  • Affordable – Our leavers hoodies are CHEAP when ordered in bulk. Most schools and universities order this way to keep the costs down and make sure that everyone can get one!
  • Comfortable – Our leavers hoodies are comfy. Like really, really comfy and are pretty much the most comfortable piece of clothing you can wear around the house or out on the go. Don’t take my word for it though.
  • Custom – Creating your own personalised leavers hoodie is half the fun. You can involve everyone and even do a collaborative design effort with your school. Your creations can be as unique or as standard as you like, it’s completely up to you!

When it comes down to it, why wouldn’t you not order a leavers hoodie this year? It’s not too late to get started and get the ball rolling for you and everyone. Contact us today.

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What To Do After? 31/05/2016

What to do when you leave school?

Let’s get serious for a moment. What DO you do crossroadswhen you are finally ready to leave school and move on to bigger and brighter opportunities? When it comes down to deciding what your future will look like we all need to take a moment, not panic and think it out. Ultimate Leavers Hoodies recommends discussing your future with family, friends, mentors or anyone with an opinion you value. We know there are many roads in life and university is just one direction of many. Plenty of people change their minds about school, post pone uni, and decide to take a year off or go into the work force right away.

What are my choices exactly? Well that’s a good question and here are a few choices that are available.

Higher Education

Well, the most common choice for school leavers is higher education and the continued learning furthering your academic path. Pick a subject you feel passionate about and learn about it. Many students get caught up in what’s going to make me the most money when their done, and end up in a job they dislike. We recommend choosing a path which you enjoy and can see yourself doing. Right?

Next is getting into an apprenticeship!

Get right into the trade and learn a valuable skill. You can work outside, get fresh air and the job is always unique. If you like working with your hands, troubleshooting problems and thinking on your feet, the trades sector has tons of variety of jobs available! Of course, this type of work usually lasts for a few years or until you get certified. It all depends on what you’re doing exactly.

Straight into the workplace

As a school leaver the first thing you need to do is find a job if you aren’t going to head into uni or into the trade. There’s many companies offering roles for school leavers and most companies have training programs and career progress so you can always be striving for something better.

Gap Year

Gap year is sort of like a ‘I’m not sure yet’, many students take 6 months to a year off for travel and gain some valuable life experiences along the way.  Usually when the year is up the student has made up their mind.

Remember all of these options have their positives and negatives associated with them, and when making your decision be sure to consider all paths!


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Remember the Good Times 04/05/2016

Remembering the Good Times

Ultimate Leavers Hoodies wants you to look back and remember all the good times duringleavers_2016 school. Because that’s what it’s all about, growing and sharing your experiences with the world. As we approach the end year term, the Ultimate Leavers Hoodie factory is ramping up production to meet our 2016 leavers demands. We absolutely love providing quality fitted leavers hoodies specified exactly how you ordered it. Every time we create a custom hoodie we’re also celebrating your accomplishments during the year. You know, nostalgia is a powerful feeling. We all have something we look back at and remember fondly and those feelings mold and shape you into the person you are today. I know every time I wear a special shirt I remember when I bought it and what I was doing then. Our leavers hoodies are no different, it’s a tangible hoodie you can hold, wear and cherish for many years helping you remember the good times at school

Do you remember when your dance society held that break dancing competition and won? Checkmate Manchester university. How about booking your class trip to Paris and getting hit with that massive rainstorm? Ultimate Leavers Hoodies is here to provide you with your leavers hoodies that will always make you smile when you remember the good times…and dry.

All leavers hoodies can be personalised with their own colour, school crest, or commemoration of a special trip or event. We make ordering as easy as possible so it’s simple for you to organise and track. We also do the free delivery thing as standard because it’s trendy. Our hoodies are delivered individually named for ease of distribution too.

What are you waiting for? It’s not too late to start planning for your Ultimate Leavers Hoodie today!

Connect with us right now and we can get you started on your class hoodie.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day 17/03/2016

Happy St Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, but did you know that St Patrick wasn’t even Irish? Here are some fun facts about St. Patrick and the history surrounding this day.

Did you know that…

It’s customary to wear shamrocks and green clothing because it was a representation of the Holy Trinity to the Pagan Irish. That the color green has been associated with Ireland since the mid 1600’s. The original color associated with St. Patrick is blue, not green as commonly believed. In several artworks depicting the saint, he is shown wearing blue vestments.

It’s believed that Patrick was born in Roman Britain was kidnapped into slavery and brought to Ireland.

Patrick spent his life becoming a bishop and after his death was named Ireland’s patron saint. When the Irish emigrated to the U.S., they created the bigger celebrations and parades known today in honor of the saint.

Eighteenth century Irish soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War held the first St. Patrick Day parades. The celebrations became a way for the Irish to connect with their roots after they moved to America. The celebrations didn’t stop in the U.S. as this holiday as gained worldwide momentum and is now celebrated all over the world. From Tokyo to Chicago to Russia to Australia, St Patrick’s day is now recognized as a unoffical global holiday!  

Fun Facts:

Dyeing the river green: The practice of dyeing the river green started in Chicago in 1962, when city officials decided to dye a portion of the Chicago River green. 100 lbs. of green dye is used to dye the river green! 

Corn beef and cabbage: This is an Irish American dish. Irish Americans were so poor they could not afford certain meals. On St. Patrick’s Day, the best meal they could afford was beef and cabbage. It became a staple for the holiday.

And remember with every order from Ultimate Leavers Hoodies comes with a bag of lollipops.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from everyone at Ultimate Leavers Hoodies!
Happy Mother's Day
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Happy Mother’s Day 06/03/2016

Happy Mother’s Day from Ultimate Leavers Hoodies.Happy Mother's Day

Although we reserve Mother’s Day to just one day in March, you should show and tell your mum how much you care for her every day. Everyone is busy with life obstacles, jobs, kids, school or whatever else fills your days. We should be so lucky to have the ability to pick up the phone and call her whenever we want as a lot of people don’t have that luxury anymore. Think about that. So this Sunday take your mum out, ask how her day is going and above all else remember, don’t ever take her for granted.

This Sunday is all about her. Pick up a nice bouquet of flowers and sweets. Your mother doesn’t want the headache of planning something on her own day; so take charge and book for something special like a fancy spa establishments or afternoon tea.

Have a fantastic Mother’s Day everyone from your friends at Ultimate Leavers Hoodies.

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Leavers Hoodies at the Best Price 24/02/2016

Affordable 2016 Leavers Hoodies

With school back in full swing for everyone Ultimate Leavers Hoodies is already planning for the graduating class of 2016! Can you believe March is almost here?

Besides providing you with the best quality hoodies and services to match, we also love passing savings on to you. We know price is a major factor for a lot of schools and clubs and can be a major deterrent. We don’t like deterrents, which is why Ultimate Leavers Hoodies has a simple pricing structure that will blow you away.

Ultimate Leavers Hoodies like to keep things simple, that’s what we’re all about. Why make it complicated when it doesn’t have to be; unlike some companies there are no extras or hidden set up costs. Let’s go a step further and offer free delivery as standard and nicknames are included in the price!

Other companies will ask you to get in touch before they give you the price. We understand that you’re busy and don’t have time to contact everyone. That’s why we’ve laid it for you, so you can see quickly exactly how much you’ll be paying. Simple.

The price guide you see below is the price you pay.

ULH prices

If you’re unsure about what type of hoodie style you want or if you need assistance with garment design we’re happy walk you through our selections.

Ultimate Leavers Hoodies will help your school, clubs, society’s and sports teams with personalized hoods at a affordable price.

Get in touch with any of our sales staff today.